Why Create Monteverdi?

Be Taken

By Founder Michael Cioffi

"Three words answer this question: Love, Life, Land.

Love: “When I first came upon Castiglioncello del Trinoro about ten years ago, she was in danger of slipping off the map and out of history. Walls were collapsed, roads washed out, roofs caved in and gardens overgrown. Yet, I fell in love. Her beauty was not superficial but deep, rich and a bit mystical. Love also guided my hand in choosing the name ‘Monteverdi’.

Life: We are happiest when we can rise above the challenges and difficulties of day-to-day living and find a place for personal renaissances which reawaken in us desire, authentic feelings, experiences and adventures that at the end of the day leaves us thrilled and passionate. I created Monteverdi as a place where one could step out of time and live again with genuine passion and joy. Every aspect of Monteverdi from the smallest architectural details to the grandest vista from our Library Bar or the lavander garden and swimming pool - is designed to stimulate the mind and ignite the senses. Italians express this idea of better and with more zest in the phrase, la dolce vita. Monteverdi is that and more. Infused into the walls of Castiglioncello, Monteverdi teaches a truth about the continuum of life - the fact that past, present and future are not seperate, linear points in time but co-exist as part of the texture and truth of our daily lives. The past informs our lives and teaches us how best to embrace and shape the future.

Land: Nothing has more of an impact on our lives than the natural forces of the physical environment. The land we live in shapes our psyches, our societies, economics, histories and cultures. The combined force of this history and the physical timeless beauty of the environment has a profound and positive impact on one’s emotions. Monteverdi, infused into the bones of Castiglioncello, is the perfect perch from which to see, taste and feel this land, its rhythms and history. Monteverdi exists to share with all this sense of place, this land, this experience.”

Bryan and I hope that your find solace in this extraordinary place that ignites your passions, awakens your curiosity and indulges your senses.